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What a trip it’s been for our Idiots 

They started as a group of young, talented and somewhat rebellious people ready to stand up against stereotypes.

They spent months of rehearsals and tiredness far away from home:

But they believed in what they were doing. They believed and made it to Berkeley Rep in fall’09:

No one had ever expected such a success they had there in California. Their optimism and hard work and a HUGE amount of talent helped them to get a spot on Broadway. Broadway! New York!

*7/11, ho-ho*

Now, here’s the scale of this thing. Could you ever imagine that a legit blunt rock opera with anti-political core about three crazy angry dudes from the suburbs, who fall for drugs and girls and war and for basically everything on their way would ever make it to BROADWAY.


Well, they did.

So when the previews and then the official run started (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, IDIOTS!) at the St.James theater on 44th street both the band and the cast couldn’t be more proud and happy:

They caused a hell of stir in the theater community. You know.

They were invited to talk shows:

Presented the collection inspired by the show at Bloomingdale’s:

Rocked Bryant Park and GMA:

Even in winter:



So yes, it has been a twisted year not only for them, but also for us.

They gave us so much. On april 24th the curtain will go down for the last time. But none of this will ever be gone. Their blood, sweat and tears will forever be on the stage of the St. James. Our own autopraphs will be covered by new layers of paint, by new stories, by new shows. But they will eat into the walls. Their autopraphs will forever remain on our playbills, fading with time like our memories. But we will never forget the feeling. That unique, magical sensation of happiness they gave us.

We will never be able to thank you enough. Each and every one of these people. And of course, Billie Joe. Our amazing, unbelievable Green Day that made it all happen.

We love you.

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